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Guild Wars 2 Hint Completion achievements to complete Guide

Click:959    From:http://www.gw2boss.com    Addtime:2013-08-12
Hint Completion of this achievement is simply Guild Wars 2 Beginner's Guide, which you explore the game every time new content will have a corresponding tips, information on the progress of this achievement can click on the top left of the screen to the last row of buttons a Hint button , that is the question mark into the query to complete this achievement has 10p achievement.

Logically speaking, this achievement is very simple, but I think there should be a part of the same situation with me, right? The last point that is left can be completed.

So I opened Hint to see the next in the end that is not yet complete:

Found that there is not complete a Mailbox Is Full. I do not think this achievement completed mostly outside of the card in addition to the novice at this local. My mailbox should be full of too many times, do not know if I open posture BUG or wrong, is not complete.

Recently, I saw someone in Baja also have the same question, who called Myan player gives a solution:

I also only returns these days official, get a response and follow the steps to do has got the official achievements. You can try the following steps:

1, delete all of the letters of light.
2, please stop sending letters to your friends. (About two can not even send mail, and more to ask a few friends to help it.)
3, you will see the mail box turns red if there is no jump Hints, please try another map.
4, Congratulations, you get the normal to the achievements of this
Source: http://www.gw2boss.com

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